Important Notice - Kexor Waiver

Here is a copy of Kexor Waiver.

Game - Saturday October 02, 2021 @ 9:00pm

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Registration - Drop in

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Season Info

  • Start: Saturday May 18, 2024
  • End: Saturday May 18, 2024
  • Total Weeks: 1
  • Remaining Weeks: 1


  • As a Participant (Player, Official, Manager, etc.), I shall strictly COMPLY with each and all of the following when participating in any Game in any Facility for which Kexor Teams has a permit:
  • Adhere to all Covid and Soccer related laws, regulations and rules, issued by Kexor Teams, Ontario Soccer Association, City of Richmond Hill, York Region, Ontario and Canada.
  • Email, Message or Register with Abbas Shokooh the Team’s Compliance Officer, less than 8 hours before attending any game, Email – Cell 416-7919519,
  • Self check, less than 8 hours prior to a game, for Covid-19, via and or,
  • Sanitize my hands and any ball and other items I bring onto the facility,
  • Bring hand sanitizers and wipes or sprays to sanitize balls and other shared items,
  • Sanitize my hands and any shared equipment after the game,
  • At least 14 days has passed since last time, being exposed to anyone who had or was suspected of having Covid-19, or been cured if diagnosed as positive, returned from travel outside Canada,
  • Wear Masks except if I am vaccinated or during the game,
  • Inform the management, by email, upon realizing that I or anyone I have been exposed to before the game, contracts or become suspected of contracting Covid-19, and  to provide any information required by the City of Richmond Hill and Health Authorities for Contact Tracing,
  • Attend at said facilities no earlier than 10 minutes before the game,
  • Attend the facility fully dressed for the game and avoid change at the facility,
  • Attend the facility warmed up for the game and avoid warming up at the facility,
  • Leave said facilities no longer than 15 minutes after the game,
  • Leave No garbage, PPE, personal equipment or belongings behind in the facility.
  • Not to share a car or motorbike to arrive at or depart from any of soccer games,
  • Not to Invite anyone other than a “registered player or participant” to any of the games,
  • Not to get closer than two meters to any other person in any area associated with the Facility, be it the playing field, field periphery, benches, parking, walkway to the field, etc.,
  • Not to contact any other Participant while plying, warming up, referring, etc.,
  • Not to hand touch the goal posts, benches or any item belonging to any other player,
  • Not to share or borrow from other players water, wearables, cleats, sprays or other items,
  • Not to spit, inside the play area or around the field,
  • Not to make comments that may undermine the necessity of any of the items in this Protocol,
  • Not to help any injured player, unless said player agrees verbally, as heard by at least one other participant, to being helped first and that any helper and the injured wear a face mask, covering both mouth and nose throughout any absolutely necessary close up for such help.
  • I also agree to each and all terms of the Kexor Teams Waiver Terms provided to me.
  • My attendance at any game is proof that I have read and agrees to ALL above.
  • Participant’s First & Last Name, Date, Signature ( Overleaf) or Reply “ Agreed” to Email with above terms